Metta Spencer, of Science For Peace, is excited to announce her new show, “Talk about Saving the World,” in which she’ll interview “world workers” – people who work on repairing the world or saving it from the threats of war and weaponry, global warming, famine, pandemics, massive radiation exposure, or cyber attacks.

The show will be live streamed on Peace Magazine’s Facebook page, Mondays 8:00-9:00pm ET, and also recorded for later viewing.

The first show will take place on March 12, and feature interviews with Tamara Lorincz, Gar Smith, and Cesar Jaramillo. Guests will discuss the “deleterious effects of weapons and war for climate change and environmental pollution.” On March 19, Metta and her guests will discuss the new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

The show is part of the new “How to Save the World in a Hurry” project, a discussion forum that will take place in Toronto, May 30-31, 2018.