Mission Statement

The Peace and Conflict Studies Association of Canada (PACS-Can) provides a forum for Canadian and Canadian-based scholars, educators, researchers, analysts, and practitioners in the fields of peace and conflict studies, conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution, and restorative and transitional justice to share their research and most effective practices. In recognition of the growing number of robust peace and conflict-related programs at the post-secondary level across Canada, and continued society-wide interest in questions of how Canada and Canadians can contribute to a more peaceful and just world, the Association aims to provide a stronger voice to the evolving peace and conflict studies community within Canada.  It also aims to be a catalyst for on-going mutual exchange and collaboration among members on issues of policy, practice, and pedagogy.

Members of the Association share a common commitment to the promotion of just and non-violent solutions to contemporary conflict, whether at the local, national, or global level.  As a Canadian organization, the Association takes a particular interest both in Canada’s role in the promotion of international peace and security and in the ongoing pursuit of peace and justice within Canada (with a special emphasis on Indigenous-Settler issues).  As a national organization, PACS-Can is also committed to the principles of inclusion, diversity, and interdisciplinarity, as well as to the active promotion of dialogue and cross-cultural understanding as key principles of non-violent conflict resolution.  It will welcome members working in either official language and explicitly promote aboriginal inclusion in the organization and its work.

In support of these objectives, the Association will hold regular conferences (across different regions of the country), which will provide an opportunity for members to develop collaborative linkages and present work-in-progress.  The Association will also facilitate networking and information-sharing among members through an active website and an ongoing presence on various social media platforms.  In the spirit of inclusion, it will also build linkages with a range of like-minded organizations, both within Canada and internationally.  Finally, the Association will both facilitate and promote opportunities within Canada for research and publishing on peace and conflict-related issues, both in scholarly and popular venues.


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