Sponsoring Programs

As part of its ongoing effort to build a vibrant network of Canadian individuals and institutions with an interest in contemporary peace and conflict studies, PACS-Can is pleased to announce that four peace and conflict studies programs have now joined PACS-Can as sponsoring programs.  We’re pleased to welcome the following programs as core elements of the emerging PACS-Can network:

Conrad Grebel University College (University of Waterloo)
Waterloo, Ontario
Undergraduate and Graduate
Peace and Conflict Studies Program (PACS)
Contact: Nathan Funk: nfunk@uwaterloo.ca

Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario
Department of Global Studies (Peace and Conflict Concentration)
contact: Timothy Donais: tdonais@wlu.ca

Canadian Mennonite University
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Undergraduate and Graduate
MA in Peace Building and Collaborative Development (PCD)
Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies (PACTS)
Contact: Wendy Kroeker: wkroeker@cmu.ca


University of the Fraser Valley

Abbotsford, British Columbia
BA in Peace and Conflict Studies
Contact: Steven Schroeder: Steven.Schroeder@ufv.ca


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