The Peace and Conflict Studies International Graduate Student Conference Committee is now accepting proposals for its 3rd Peace and Conflict Studies International Graduate Students Conference, taking place February 1- 2, 2019.
Transformative Pathways to Peace: Exploring Local and Global Strategies for Action
Presented by: Peace & Conflict Studies Student Association
Location: St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Dates: February 1 – 2, 2019
Complete applications will include an abstract of 250-350 words, as well as an author bio including name, contact information, and the applicant’s institutional/organizational affiliation. Please email your abstract to the PACS Student Association ( by November 30, 2018.
We find ourselves at a unique and significant crossroads where peace studies and peacebuilding are in transition to more critical and emancipatory approaches. The developing relationships and interdependence that cut across borders, cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and (dis)abilities have brought a new focus to the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. Hence, strategies for building sustainable peace are sought to envision a new inclusive future.
Various forms of presentations are welcome (including artistic and creative works). Please submit an abstract (see proposal guideline), describing your research or project, on a subject related to, but not limited to, the following categories:
•social movements,
•peace education,
•critical and emancipatory peacebuilding,
•mediation and negotiation
•religion and spirituality,
•children and youth,
•migration and border policies,
•environmental justice,
•sports, arts, media,
•peace and development
•peace economics / indices
•disability studies,
•indigenous peacebuilding,
•and/or other contemporary peace topics.

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