Erich Schellhammer recently retired from his position as associate professor and co-chair of the B.A. in Justice Studies, School of Humanitarian Studies, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, Royal Roads University.  Erich came to Canada with a law degree from Germany and completed his M.A. and Ph.D. at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.  His doctoral work was in philosophy and dealt with Hegel’s concept of culture.  In his 27-year long teaching career, he has been instructing at Canadian and German universities.  His research interest developed from finding a philosophical justification for the merits of cultural diversity to a phenomenological grounding of human rights in human ontology to embracing recent leadership studies.  His latest academic interest is in combining modern leadership studies with peace studies and to formulate a framework for peace leadership.  Erich lives in Victoria, B.C., and in Germany.  He enjoys the outdoors, classical guitar and volunteers for Search and Rescue.

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